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This site is not intended to be a political opinion of any kind.  It is the intention of this site to reveal the truth about things in which the people of this world have been misled.  When any political viewpoint is expressed is only our intention that is what is needed to start turning things around.  You need to study the information and what is linked with an open mind.

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The challenge has been placed before us.

The only question left to answer is will we stand up and fight this tyranny to improve ours and our children's futures?

Will we make flyers and DVD's and give them away to spread the truth and wake up our friends and neighbors?

Do we really care about our families and fellow humans or would we rather drink beer, watch football and ignore the people who are ruining our future?

Do you think someone else is going to do it?

The M.O. (Modus operandi) of the perpetrators of Treason
1. Keep the people broke, confused and divided. They are easier to control if they are competing among themselves instead of being united.
2. Use provocateurs to invoke violence in protests to allow police to use force and scare others from expressing their opinions.
3. Use counter intelligence and dis-information to keep the people from knowing the truth.
4. Pay for propaganda to be placed in Hollywood movie productions. (Our Tax Money Pays for this.) More evidence here.
5. Use an external (exaggerated) threat to keep them scared and confused. The people will support any law in the name of safety and security.  Funding the treasonous cause is easier.

This is just a small portion of the multi-pronged agenda, And they are using our tax dollars to fund this campaign against us.

What can I do to help you say?

First educate yourself so you can help wake up others.

Watch the movies posted here.


Join the Gun owners of America.  Forget the NRA as they actually support some of the governments attempts to take our rights away.  GOA gives you the tools to help preserve our rights.  If you've already joined the NRA my suggestion would be to ask for a refund.

Then acquire some DVD's and try to spread the truth about these treasonous people.  200 years ago these criminals would have been found in a tree somewhere or tar and feathered, and now everybody is so programmed by the TV that they just accept anything.  Did you ever wonder why they have all those small screens behind the TV news broadcaster.  Do you know where that information goes if you are not paying specific attention to it?  And don't forget about the scrolling bar at the bottom of the screen too.

Of course the real answer is that we have to take our government back from these career / corporate controlled politicians.  Get out and run for office.  Break out of the false left / right paradigm.

The constitution is the only thing we have protecting us from these criminals and they are about to take that away.  If they do you may want to find a really big rock to crawl under because it will be like nothing you can imagine for you and your family.

And remember it is Pro Life or Pro Death.  There is no such thing as Pro Choice

Free trade is a big lie portrayed to make it seem like a good thing.  Free is always good right?  OPEN trade is what it really is, and it's not good.

Democracy, Our Democracy, this democracy, promoting democracy, give others democracy, democracy, democracy, democracy, why is that all they say on the main stream news?  America is not based on democracy, it is a constitutional republic.  I think the international bankers would like America to be a democracy, it would be easier for them to manipulate.

One of the most honorable things a person can do is fight tyranny and oppression at every turn.

Fight for your country my friends. Fight for the poor and destitute. Fight for the poor children who will not have the freedom or level of comfort we have enjoyed. Fight for the aged and the handicapped. Fight for truth, justice, and peace.

Liberty and Freedom for all







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