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Jesse Ventura Ostracized by the main stream media.

Rule #1  Never believe anything from the main stream media.
Rule #2  Never believe anyone who talks about other people in an exagerated way.  And without backing it up with documentation.

Rule #3  Never believe the main steam media.

Rule #4  Never Ever believe the main stream media.

Justice For Jesse Ventura

Special Reports

 Date: 08/08/2014



Jesse Ventura's new TV show:




Season 1

Available on Youtube





Episode one - HAARP

Episode one on Youtube


Episode two - 911

Episode two on Youtube


Episode three - Global Warming

Episode three on Youtube


Episode four - Big Brother



Episode five - Secret Societies



Episode six - Manchurian Candidate



Episode seven - Apocalypse 2012



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Season 2

Available on Youtube





Episode 1 – Plum Island Bio warfare


Episode 2 - Area 51 - Fri, October 29 at 10P


Episode 3 - Wall Street - Fri, November 5 at 10P


Episode 4 - Police State - Fri, November 12  10P This episode was censored and automatically deleted from peoples DVR's.


Episode 5 - JFK Assassination -  November 19


Episode 6 - Great Lakes - Fri. December 3


Episode 7 - Depopulation - Fri. December 10


Episode 8 - The Pentagon - Fri December 17


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Season 3

Available on Youtube


Episode One -  Reptilians

 This one is a little out there, Jesse say the same thing.


Episode Two -  Death Ray


Episode Three -  Time Travel


Episode Four -  The Ozarks This is a must watch episode.


Episode Five -  Skin Walker


Episode Six -  Manimal


Episode 7 - Brain Invaders





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