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The Truth about City and County Water


Putting fluoride in the drinking water is very controversial.  There are more and more studies coming out telling the truth about the dangers of this chemical.


When you think about your city/county putting fluoride in your water you probably think they must be using a pharmaceutical grade pure product created just for that purpose. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is not, nor is it even tested or approved by the FDA.  It is in fact usually a manufacturing waste byproduct from the Fertilizer and/or aluminum industry.  As a matter of fact if they were not putting it in our water they would have to pay huge amounts of money to have it disposed of because it is such a toxic chemical.


Most people probably think it is just in the water or just in the toothpaste, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Product manufacturers do not use reverse osmosis filters or distilled water to make their products.  If they did it would be be expensive and would either cut their profits or make them raise their prices. One of the few products that does not contain fluoride or chlorine is beer because it kills the yeast needed for the fermentation process.

Many dental products now contain fluoride, including over 95% of toothpaste. Studies show that a significant number of children swallow more fluoride from toothpaste alone than is recommended as a total daily ingestion.



As of 2012 according to the CDC 67.1% of the US population is on fluoridated water.  If the reason is really for tooth decay where is all the reports of the terrible tooth problems of the other 32.9% of the population.  There are no such reports and it is not a real problem.  If they really wanted to help tooth decay they would supply toothbrushes and toothpaste to poor people.  I have been drinking water that is reverse osmosis filtered and using non-fluoride toothpaste for over ten years and my teeth are just fine.



I found this comment on an article I was reading and find it to be the best argument I have seen.

I refuse to be drawn into the debate on the “thing” of this debate. As bad as regularly swallowing any chemical for long periods of time is for us there is something far worse. That is not being given the choice to agree or refuse to do so! I do not respect any Council person who votes against my right to choose whether my family and future generations will be fed fluoride. Lets demand that the City stop adding it to our water and have dentists apply it to the teeth of those who want it.


Fluoride Material Safety Data Sheet 


Fluoride Material Safety Data Sheet - Startpage Web Search


A large portion of the Fluoride used in the US is imported from China.  This is a test data sheet from just one source.  I find page four "Regulated Metals Analysis" very interesting.

This PDF was deleted by the "Utah Department of Environmental Quality" in 2018 or 2019. Luckily I kept a copy and have re-linked it.


If you find any documents of importance like this you should always save copies because they will delete them.





Some of the items we consume daily that do contain fluoride.  (This is not an exhaustive list)


Bottled Tea


Teflon pans

Many pharmaceuticals are fluorinated

Processed Beverages -Soda's



Infant Formula

Infant Food

grape products

dried fruit

dried beans

cocoa powder


Sports Drinks

All processed foods that contain water





Considering the fact that many cities have removed the fluoride from their drinking water is pretty good proof that some reasonably intelligent people have researched it and were concerned enough to vote it out by the city counsels. These are just a few.




Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries


Calgary Canada


Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada


7/23/2015 - Snowmass, a skier’s paradise tucked into the Colorado Mountains, and part of Aspen, has decided to stop fluoridating its water.


List of cities that have rejected Fluoride since 1990





My personal research


Not taking the information from the internet for granted I did an open records request with the water authority that provides water for several counties in my area.  I requested all documents and warning sheets and labels from their fluoride suppliers and deliveries.  I did have to pay approximately $20 for them to produce the documents.  These scanned documents are what they provided to me.


As you can see the documents I got provide information that is not divulged to the general public in their yearly annual water quality report. 


Municipal water companies / authorities DO NOT DISCLOSE all of the contaminants in the water you are drinking.


This is the results of an Open Records Request for the Cobb County Water Authority in Georgia.


This is an extract from the KC Industries PDF


KC Industries Test Results


This is an extract from the Key Chemical PDF


Four drops of ink in a 55-gallon (208 liters) barrel of water would produce an "ink concentration" of 1 ppm.


Do you want yourself or children drinking water with four drops of any of these toxic chemicals in it? How about four drops of each of the chemicals?


 In the "Yearly Water Quality Report" they only tell you that your water contains fluoride and do not tell you what the fluoride contains.














And yes you are correct, these are some pretty nasty contaminants.


This is the notice sent out to county water customers in the annual announcement.


This is the report it links to.


This report from City of Edina is a little more detailed than the Cobb County Water report.  It actually says the Fluoride comes from the discharge of Fertilizer and Aluminum production.





Key Chemical Health



Section 13:  This Product, as produced, is classified as a hazardous waste under US EPA RCRA regulations.



KC Industries physical location


 KC Industries


KC Industries Street View


KC Industries Street View 



Key Chemical - Source Location - Byproduct / waste product  of crystal mining


Unimin Plant









Here are links about removing fluoride from your water.





Study this for yourself and make up your own mind.  I think you'll be surprised.


This is only a few links to get you started.