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 I took these pictures with a Samsung S6 held to a #14 welding lens. I also took a picture with different Samsung and an iPhone and got the same results. Does anyone know what is going on? Does the camera on these phones have some kind of anomaly causing a reflection in the picture?

In the pictures where the eclipse is behind the clouds I could look thru the lens and was not able to see the clouds with my eyes. The clouds only showed thru the lens when using the phone camera. Was the camera sensitive enough to show things that were just not visible with the naked eye?

In the cloud pictures it appears to be behind the clouds lighting them up which to me means it was not a reflection inside the camera.

Is there actually another object there?

Update: 8/26/2017 2:20 PM EST - I just took test pictures to verify that there is not an anomaly inside the camera or an issue with the camera lens or filter. I looked thru the filter at the sun and only see one light source. I then took another picture thru the filter and there was only one light source. I took a picture thru the lens with the flash on and it washed out the entire picture. I then took a picture thru the lens inside at a dark wall and the entire picture is black. I believe this verifies there is nothing weird going on with the camera or the filter.
















 These are the two videos I took.








This is a picture my brother took around May of 2018 in the afternoon around 5:00.

Another Planet