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Our Constitution is under attack from all directions.  If we don't protect it, then it can't protect us.

The first amendment is under attack on a daily basis and can easily be seen in any news media.  Hundreds of protesters were arrested and oppressed at the last elections/national conventions.

The new gun ban is written and ready for approval.

I am just a common man but it is my opinion that the people behind trying to kill our constitutional rights are treasonous and should be arrested.  Why is our congressmen and senators not protecting us from the treason?

Could it possibly be because a lot of our politicians are dual citizens with other countries and the Americans best interest is not their priority?  I think this may be more true than most people would like to admit but I think a lot of them may have an external agenda.

Why is our sworn protectors who swore under oath to protect the constitution not doing anything?  It makes me sick to my stomach to see our fellow Americans being treated like 3rd world citizens in a communist country.

If they continue to stomp on our constitution, our descendants will not have very much to look forward to.  I almost come to tears every time I drive by a bus stop in the mornings and there is some 6 or 7 year old child standing there swinging their arms and smiling without a care in the world.  Their innocence and future must be protected and it is our job to do it.  I am begging everyone who reads this to please burn some DVD's, make some flyers or something,  anything to spread the truth.  The tyranny is moving forward at an ever increasing pace.  It is almost too late now.