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One of our GunsAmerica insider people sent us a link to this Youtube video about the failed gun ban in England.

If you don't know the history, England banned all legal ownership of handguns many years ago with very little resistance from its people. It was thought to be a good measure to bring down gun crime. The result has been double digit increases in gun crime every year since the ban. Since then the country has taken away many more freedoms, to hunt, to defend oneself from harm, and finally its citizens are speaking up.

Many of us who put time into defending gun freedom are ridiculed that the loss of gun freedom can never happen here because of the second amendment, yet we have seen throughout the history of the US that lawmakers eager to protect their own power will readily pass laws in violation of the second amendment. To this day, even after the Heller case, Chicago is fighting an NRA lawsuit to protect their own unconstitutional handgun ban.

If it were not for YOU, the American gun owning public, who so cling to freedom and defend any affront to it, we would end up much like England, whose citizens are now reeling in the face of ridiculous violent crime rates and a government that does not represent their interests.
Forward this to your friends. I have not seen anything this powerful in a long time and it should "go viral" as it is called to anyone in America who questions those who fight for firearms freedom now, before we lose it.

The link is:

Update: This video was censored by youtube.

It says: This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Rifle Association.

Why would the NRA not want everyone in the world to see this video for free?  Are they just stupid or what?  And your still a member why?  Every single member of the NRA should ask for a refund immediately.  Go join the Gun Owners of America if you can stop drinking your flouride long enough.


Here is a link that still works - This is a very important video.