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The time is late.  It could be the last chance to wake up your family and friends in time to prepare for the possible coming crisis and collapse. I am attempting to list in this one news article some of the best resources to wake people up. Beginning with the movie "End Game" by Alex Jones, because there is a bibliography available which documents every single statement made in the movie.

END GAME the movie on youtube for free- In 13 parts

Click here for the bibliography which documents the entire movie

500,000 Plastic Coffins purchased by FEMA in Madison Georgia

Stockpiles located in several states

Texas Congressman Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show" Prepare!!"1/2

UPDATE: Below are more full length movies relevant to the truth movement
A lot of these movies are in several parts, just keep clicking on the next part to watch the whole movie.

If any of them don't play all the way thru please let me know and I will find one that does and fix the link. Use the "Contact Us" link in the left menu.

Fall of the republic - NEW




America: From Freedom to Fascism (part 1 of 11)


Fabled Enemies


1/8 - Loose Change Final Cut


Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1/9 HD !


The Dark Secrets - Order Of Death Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1


Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP_1/9


The 9/11 Chronicles: Part One, Truth Rising


Terror Storm 2nd Edition Pt 1/12


Washington, Your Fired - 1 of 8


Martial Law 9/11:Rise of a Police State 1/18


Police State 2000:1/11"Urban Warfare Training"


POLICE STATE II: THE TAKEOVER - Seattle WTO Protest - Pt 1/3


Police State 3 Total Enslavement documentary (Part 1 of 16)


Global Warming or Global Governance? Part1


The Money Masters - How Bankers Gained Control of America




The New Atlantis - Secret Mysteries Of America's Beginnings 01/17


Eye Of The Phoenix 1 of 19


1/12 - 9/11 Blueprint For Truth


Waco:Rules of Engagement Part 1


Ruby Ridge Massacre 1 of 5


Firearms Confiscation - Police Abuse Old Lady


Cops brutally beat 15 year old girl in jail cell