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Must see New ground breaking information from credible insiders.

 This is the new 3 DVD set of movies just released by Lindsey Williams.  Everyone must see this and prepare for the possibilities it proposes.  As he says this is the plans of the elite and from what I have been seeing lately there is a real good possibility most of this is going to happen.  Just look around you and it is very apparent that the American people are totally programmed by the TV propaganda and lies.  If you prepare and it does not come to pass then great, you will be prepared for any kind of natural disaster or other emergency requiring you to have stored food and being able to protect your own family.  Personally if I am going to live under a fascist government I plan to do it in a more tropical environment, I will soon be making plans to get away before things get too bad. (I hope I can do it in time) I don't plan to freeze my tail off when I can no longer afford to pay the gas bill.

When Mr. Williams talks about the gas prices dropping two years ago I was listening to the live broadcast when he said it.  And then it happened, I believe he does have the connections he describes and the information is probably more reliable than what you can get in the mainstream news.

This file is one video containing all three of the DVD set. It is 542 MB and 3.5 hours long. It may not play directly from your internet browser.

 For the best results right click the link and choose "Save Link As" and save it to your computer and play it from there.

Lindsey Williams new Movie November 2009

If it does not play on your computer you may want to download and install the VLC media player.  It is one of the best media players you can use and it is also free.

VLC media Player  1.0.3

Coming soon to a city near you.  Are you ready?

  Historically when some really crappy law passes in England it is not long before we have it over here too.  Makes you wonder just who is running things.