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It's obvious that our government has destroyed our economy intentionally by giving incentives for our companies and production to go to other countries.

Voting doesn't do any good.  The left and the right does the same thing and we get the same results from either party.

I think it's time we all started voting with our wallets and purchases.  I think it will be worth it to take a few extra minutes and compare products and buy American made.  I think it will also be worth it to pay a little more to support our own future.

I am going to search for companies selling American made products and post them here.  I have not used any of these yet but will post that experience here also if I do.

I am also going to create a discussion forum called "American made products" for you to post any good products and experiences you may have buying American made products.




All American Clothing Co. - Jeans, T-shirts, Polo's - Etc.


ALL USA Clothing -  Many USA brands and large selection


Americans Working .com -  Great site, Anything you want American made


Nantahala Crafts - Beautiful leather products


Made in USA Forever .com - Anything you want made in the USA


Buckhorn Camouflage - Hunting gear


Sportsman Camo Covers - Camo Truck seat covers




There are tons of sites carring American made products.  Just do a search for "Clothes made in the USA"  or  "Products made in the USA"  for a huge list.