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I received my 2010 census form in the mail today. It was curious that it says in bold lettering on the outside of the envelope that “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW”. I have heard a lot about the previous census asking about too much personal information and people did not feel comfortable with it and did not answer all of the questions.


The first thing I did was go to their website ( to find out exactly what the law was they were referring to because I do intend to follow the law to the letter. I am not a criminal and always follow the laws and I even despise liars and deceivers. I searched all over the site and could not find the law they were referring to. I did find all kind of reasons they say it is “important” to fill it out. Some of the reasons they say is so they know how many schools, hospitals, and retirement homes to build. The last time I lifted my head and looked around there were plenty in my area and I do believe they already know how many kids are in the schools. To my knowledge most hospitals and retirement homes are run privately.


Because I could not find any real information on their website I decided to call them. I thought surely others have inquired about this important law they put boldly on their envelope and can direct me straight to it on their site. I called the local office for my area and the first lady to answer the phone did not know what the law was and could only pretty much repeat what the site has and said it was “important to fill it out and it was the law. She was nice but I do want to see the law so I can follow it exactly and she then had to send me up to her supervisor. I talked to a second lady and she advised me to go to and search for “historical constitution document” I did so as she did on her end and we looked at it together and she could not point out exactly what we were looking for. Then I was transferred to someone else. Nice lady number three was more helpful than the first two and she directed me to search for “Article one section two of the constitution” but could not point out the exact part about the census. I did question her about any other laws pertaining to the census and she assured me there were not any others, only the one in the constitution. I finally gave up, thanked her and decided to research it on my own.


Later I searched on for “census law” and found a couple of links that help explain this murky law they are trying to stretch out to their own controlling use. Turns out there is another law pertaining to the census but it don't appear to be enforced. In the 2000 census only 72% of the 281,000,000 returned the census, that's about 78.6 million that did not fill it out. I guess I am not the only one questioning why they want all this personal information.


Here are the links I found to be helpful.

and then finally I ran across this one, apparently the census has several different sites.

No wonder they don't know the laws they are trying to enforce. Another perfect example of why we need to give them all our personal information and let them run all aspects of our lives.


I really don't know what to think about the federal government trying to take over and controlling our lives including our healthcare and insurance. I think they are way too intrusive already and I will report the head count as the founding fathers of this great country intended. When they come to my door I guess I'll tell them it's none of their business. I would rather pay a $100 fine than be forced to give up a bunch of personal information.

The federal government is like a bad neighbor, give them an inch and they'll take a mile. At some point you just have to say no. From all the people I talk to I believe most Americans are feeling the same fed up attitude.


God bless the American people


Victor 3/16/2010