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Could someone please read the product reviews on this page and tell me why in the heck they want to de-industrialize the united states and tax us to death for carbon?

It is so ridiculous.  Our politicians think we are all fools!

This article at Global Research explains that it is actually the government themselves who are putting the most toxic substances in our environment.

The depleted uranium issue is a travesty of pollution most are not aware of.  The area of the gulf war is being poisoned beyond belief.

Official report posted in this book.

Urbanization, Energy, and Air Pollution in China

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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent mask if you are in a polluted area, October 27, 2008
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This review is from: Respro Techno Contour Face Mask

Like the first commenter here I am using this mask for my bike commute, but instead of Beijing I am in Chengdu, China. I ride about 10-15 km per day, and before using the mask I would get bi-weekly throat infections from the incredible amount of pollutants in the air. I have been using for just over 6 months now, and have not had another throat infection - I cannot ride without it. In addition to the health factor is the intimidation factor - cars, pedestrians and other bikes seem to move a bit quicker when you are bearing down on them in this mask.

The only issues I really have with the mask is the fact that the elasticity is starting to go a bit after 6 months, but I plan to sew on some additional velcro to the receiving side. Only other issue is that if you do not match up the velcro just right the small velcro hooks irritate your neck - but again, a small price to pay for protecting my lungs.

Excellent product that I could ride in the city without.



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4.0 out of 5 stars Effective and reasonably comfortable, December 4, 2007
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This review is from: Respro Techno Contour Face Mask

I purchased the Respro Techno mask about 6 months ago and have been using it routinely for commuting by bicycle in Beijing, China. My commute is 16 km (10 mi) each way during the Beijing rush hour. Beijing has one of the worst air pollution problems of any major city in the world. The streets are clogged with many motorcycles and motorized bicycles with smoke-belching 2 stroke engines. In addition to the smoke and exhaust Beijing is incredibly dusty. In the spring sandstorms can make it look like it is snowing dirt.

I was reluctant to use a mask because of restricted airflow and discomfort. Yes, mask restricts airflow. The effect during my first week of wearing it was a 20% drop in my average speed. After 6 months, it still cuts 5-10% of my aerobic capacity. It also whacks my top speed and increases my recovery time after a sprint. The other downside is that the mask is hot and you will sweat. Both the moisture from your breath and the sweat will accumulate in the mask. Also it does take some effort to get a tight fit and it also takes a little time before you get a good seal.

However, before wearing the mask I had a constant runny nose, cough, and burning lungs. I have noticed a dramatic improvement. I don't cough like a chronic smoker on the lung transplant list anymore. For me it is absolutely worth it. I do not ride here without it. I have forgotten it a few times, and I am immediately aware of the effects.

You will need to change the filters about once per month if you use it 4-5 times / week. The only issue I have is that the neoprene stretches and loses some elasticity after a few months of use.

Some tips on using it.

- if you change the filter make sure you get the valve oriented so that that the airflow is directed away from your eyes. After replacing the valves the first time it I managed to get the airflow directed up towards my eyes, which fogged my glasses.

- A new filter will be stiff. It takes some time to soften up and get a good seal.

- Sweat accumulates in the filter. I blot it with a paper towel and hang it where air can circulate, so that it dries. About every 10 uses I disassemble it and pour boiling water on the filter. This rinses the salt out of the filter and kills any accumulation of microbes.

- In winter it is quite comfortable and the neoprene is a good insulator.



Look at this picture and tell me why they are trying so hard to crack down on America?