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Just as the founding fathers of America wrote the "Articles of Confederation" which is one of the primary documents in American history, a group of brave and honorable men have written the "Articles of freedom" in 2009.  Many Americans are probably not even aware of it and the ramifications could be great if the tyrants in charge do not eventually heed to the demands of the people.  A lot of media are reporting that the sleeping giant has started to stir.  The writers and the "We The People Foundation" have done a great service for America.  Unfortunately it looks like the tyrants have completely ignored the American people.  I have experienced this myself when I wrote to my state senator with a concern and his reply letter stated what he thought about the issue and what he wanted to do, totally ignoring my opinion on the matter.

In the Articles of freedom it has suggestions of what the citizens can do to help.  Most of the suggestion are to call and write your politicians but I think most of them are ignoring us in favor of their banker / corporate bosses.



Articles of Freedom


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